Graham Green was born into a veritable tribe of Greenes - six children,
eventually, and sic cousins - based in Berkhamstead at the public school
where his father was headmaster. In A SORT OF LIFE Greene recalls
schooldays and Oxford, adolescent encounters with psychoanalysis and
Russian roulette, his marriage and conversion to Catholicism, and how he
rashly resigned from The Times when his first novel, THE MAN WITHIN was
published in 1929. A SORT OF LIFE, like its companion volume, WAYS OF
ESCAPE, combines reticence with candour and reveals, brilliantly and
compellingly, the genesis of a life lived and an art obsessed by 'the
dangerous edge of things. . the narrow boundary between lovalty and
disloyalty, between fidelity and infidelity, the mind's contradictions, the
paradox one carries within oneself'.

Graham Greene—A Sort Of Life

  • 9780099282570