Edited with and introduction and notes by S.T. Joshi 'His prescience and
novelty seem more and more remarkable Nicholas Lezard, GuardianHailed as
the 'greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale' by Stephen King,
H.P. Lovecraft is acknowledged as a master of the fantastic and the
macabre. This companion volume to The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird
Storiesbrings together a dozen tales - from his early pieces 'Under the
Pyramids' (originally ghostwritten for Harry Houdini) and the haunting
story 'The Music of Erich Zann' (which Lovecraft ranked as one of his
favourites), to more fully developed works such as 'At the Mountains of
Madness', where an Antarctic explorer discovers alien creatures, and 'The
Dunwich Horror', which takes us into the backwoods of Lovecraft's native
New England to confront our darkest fears.

H. P. Lovecraft—The Thing On The Doorstep And Other Weird Stories

  • 9780141187075