Eugenia, Baroness Mnster, wife of a German princeling who wishes to be rid
of her, crosses the ocean with her brother Felix to seek out their American
relatives. Their voyage is prompted, apparently, by natural affection; but
the Baroness has also come to seek her fortune. The advent of these
visitors is viewed by the Wentworths, in the suburbs of Boston, with wonder
and some apprehension. The brilliant Eugenia fascinates her impressionable
cousins and their more worldly neighbour, but she is baffled by these
people, 'to whom fibbing was not pleasing'. Meanwhile Felix, painter of
trifling sketches, eases them all in and out of various amorous
complications, with 'no fear of not being, in the end, agreeable'. ABOUT
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Henry James—The Europeans - A Sketch

  • 9780199555635