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Composed at the rosy-fingered dawn of world literature almost three
millennia ago, The Odyssey is a poem about violence and the aftermath of
war; about wealth, poverty and power; about marriage and family; about
travelers, hospitality, and the yearning for home.This fresh, authoritative
translation captures the beauty of this ancient poem as well as the drama
of its narrative. Its characters are unforgettable, none more so than the
complicated hero himself, a man of many disguises, many tricks, and many
moods, who emerges in this version as a more fully rounded human being than
ever before.Written in iambic pentameter verse and a vivid, contemporary
idiom, Emily Wilson's Odyssey sings with a voice that echoes Homer's music;
matching the number of lines in the Greek original, the poem sails along at
Homer's swift, smooth pace.A fascinating, informative introduction explores
the Bronze Age milieu that produced the epic, the poem's major themes, the
controversies about its origins, and the unparalleled scope of its impact
and influence. Maps drawn especially for this volume, a pronunciation
glossary, and extensive notes and summaries of each book make this is an
Odyssey that will be treasured by a new generation of readers.

Homer—The Odyssey

  • 9780393356250
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