Harry Goldfarb, heroin addict and son of lonely widow Sara, cares only
about enjoying the good life with girlfriend Marion and best friend Tyrone
C Love, and making the most of all the hash, poppers and dope they can get.
Sara Goldfarb sits at home with the TV, dreaming of the life she could have
and struggling with her own addictions - food and diet pills. But these
four will pay a terrible price for the pleasures they believe they are
entitled to. A passionate, heart-breaking tale of the crushing weight of
hope and expectation, Requiem for a Dream is a dark modern-day fable of New
York. 'Selby brings a scorching light to a limited area of human existence,
which most people know of but do not know.' Newsweek 'One of the great
American novelists, and one who has helped us to understand the nature of
addiction and the human condition better, perhaps, than any other.'

Hubert Selby—Requiem For A Dream

  • 9780141195667