Two lost classics from the Ukranian-born, French-educated writer gathered
together in one volume. Le Bal depicts the life of the Kampfs who, having
recently gone up in the world thanks to luck with the stockmarket decide to
throw a ball in order to launch themselves into society. Their daughter
Antoinette, who has just turned fourteen, dreams of attending. But Madame
Kampf is resolved not to present her daughter, already so grown up, to her
admirers. Instead, Antoinette is forced to sleep in the laundry, as her
bedroom is used as coatroom. In an unpremeditated fury of revolt and
despair, Antoinette takes her revenge. It is swift and it is horrible. A
cruel, funny and tender examination of class differences, of the dynamic
between mother and daughter, Le bal is ultimately dedicated to the torments
of childhood. Snow in Autumn pays homage to Nemirovsky's beloved Chekhov
and chronicles the life of a devoted servant following her masters as they
flee Revolutionary Moscow and emigrate to a life of hardship in Paris.

Irène Némirovsky, Sandra Smith—Le Bal - And, Snow In Autumn

  • 9780099493976