Turgenev's first major prose work is a series of twenty-five Sketches: the
observations and anecdotes of the author during his travels through Russia
satisfying his passion for hunting. His album is filled with moving
insights into the lives of those he encounters - peasants and landowners,
doctors and bailiffs, neglected wives and bereft mothers - each providing a
glimpse of love, tragedy, courage and loss, and anticipating Turgenev's
great later works such as First Love and Fathers and Sons. His depiction of
the cruelty and arrogance of the ruling classes was considered subversive
and led to his arrest and confinement to his estate, but these sketches
opened the minds of contemporary readers to the plight of the peasantry and
were even said to have led Tsar Alexander II to abolish serfdom.

Ivan Turgenev—Sketches From A Hunter's Album

  • 9780140445220