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For all those who journey to Middle Earth, here is the complete guide to
its lands, legends, histories, languages, and people. The Complete Tolkien
Companion explains, translates, and links every single reference--names,
dates, places, facts, famous weapons, even food and drink--to be found in
J. R. R. Tolkien's world, which includes not only The Hobbit and The Lord
of the Rings but also The Simarillion and many other posthumously published
works. A detailed explanation of the various Elvish writing systems,
together with maps, charts, and genealogical tables, bring the remarkable
genius of Tolkien and the unforgettable world and wonder of Middle Earth to
life with focus and accuracy. First published in 1976, this is an
indispensable accompaniment for anyone who embarks on the reading journey
of a lifetime.

J. E. A. Tyler—The Complete Tolkien Companion

  • 9781250023551
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