In 1960 Jack Kerouac was near breaking point. Driven mad by constant press
attention in the wake of the publication of On the Road, he needed to 'get
away to solitude again or die', so he withdrew to a cabin in Big Sur on the
Californian coast. The resulting novel, in which his autobiographical hero
Jack Duluoz wrestles with doubt, alcohol dependency and his urge towards
self-destruction, is one of Kerouac's most personal and searingly honest
works. Ending with the poem 'Sea: Sounds of the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur',
it shows a man coming down from his hedonistic youth and trying to come to
terms with fame, the world and himself. 'Stunning and vivid.' Sunday Times
'Kerouac's grittiest novel . . . sensual and uninhibited.' The New York

Jack Kerouac—Big Sur

  • 9780141198255