My best most serious sad and true book yet. --Jack Kerouac His life . .
. ended when he was nine and the nuns of St. Louis de France Parochial
School were at his bedside to take down his dying workds becase they'd
heard his astonishing revelations of heaven delivered in catechism on no
more encouragement than it was his turn to speak. . . . Unique among Jack
Kerouac's novels, Visions of Gerard focuses on the scenes and sensations of
childhood--the wisdom, anguish, intensity, innocence, evil, insight,
suffering, delight, and shock--as they were revealed in the short tragic-
happy life of his saintly brother, Gerard. Set in Kerouac's hometown of
Lowell, Massachusetts, it is an unsettling, beautiful, and sad exploration
of the meaning and precariousness of existence.

Jack Kerouac—Visions Of Gerard

  • 9780140144529