Like the characters in the popular dime novels of the time, London's heroes
display such manly virtues as courage, loyalty, and steadfastness as they
conftont the merciless frozen expanses of the north. Yet London breaks free
of stereotypical figures and one-dimensional plots to explore deeper
psychological and social questions of self-mastery, masculinity, and racial
domination. The uneasy relationship between the Native Americans and whites
lies at the heart of many of the stories, while others reflect London's
growing awareness of the destruction wrought by the white incursion on
Indian culture. Northland Stories comprises nineteen of Jack London's
greatest short works, including An Odyssy of the North (London's major
breakthrough as a young author), The White Silence, The Law of Life,
The League of the Old Men, and the world classic To Build a Fire.

Jack London—Northland Stories

  • 9780140189964