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Hard-hitting divorce lawyer James J. Sexton shares his insights and wisdom
to help you reverse-engineer a healthy, fulfilling romantic relationship
with How to Stay in Love. With two decades on the front lines of divorce
Sexton has seen what makes formerly happy couples fall out of love and
“lose the plot” of the story they were writing together. Now he reveals all
of the “what-not-to-dos” for couples who want to build—and consistently
work to preserve—a lasting, loving relationship. Sexton tells the
unvarnished truth about love and marriage, diving straight into the most
common issues that often arise from simple communication problems and
relationships that develop by “default” instead of design. Though he deals
constantly with the heartbreak of others, he still believes in romance and
the transformative power of love. This book is his opportunity to use what
he has learned from the mistakes of his clients to help individuals and
couples find and preserve lasting connection. Previously published as If
You're In My Office, It's Already Too Late.

James J. Sexton—How To Stay In Love - Practical Wisdom From An Unexpected Sourc

  • 9781250210852
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