The great travel writer Jan Morris was born James Morris. James Morris
distinguished himself in the British military, became a successful and
physically daring reporter, climbed mountains, crossed deserts, and
established a reputation as a historian of the British empire. He was
happily married, with several children. To all appearances, he was not only
a man, but a man’s man. Except that appearances, as James Morris had known
from early childhood, can be deeply misleading. James Morris had known all
his conscious life that at heart he was a woman. Conundrum, one of the
earliest books to discuss transsexuality with honesty and without
prurience, tells the story of James Morris’s hidden life and how he decided
to bring it into the open, as he resolved first on a hormone treatment and,
second, on risky experimental surgery that would turn him into the woman
that he truly was.

Jan Morris—Conundrum

  • 9781590171899