As Islam and the West prepare to clash once again, Jason Webster embarks on
a quest to discover Spain's hidden Moorish legacy and lift the lid on a
country once forged by both Muslims and Christians. He meets Zine, a young
illegal immigrant from Morocco, a twenty-first century Moor, lured over
with the promise of a job but exploited as a slave labourer on a fruit
farm. Jason's life is threatened as he investigates the agricultural gulag,
Zine rescues him, and the unlikely pair of writer and desperado take off on
a rollercoaster ride through Andalucía. While Jason unveils the neglected
Arab ancestry of modern Spain - apparent in its food, language, people and
culture - Zine sets out on his own parallel quest, a one-man peace mission
to resolve Muslim-Christian tensions by proving irresistible to Spanish

Jason Webster—Andalus

  • 9780552779579