There is another 1985, somewhere in the could-have-been, where Thursday
Next is a literary detective without squat, fear, or boyfriend. Thursday is
on the trait of the villainous Acheron Hades, who has been kidnapping
characters from works of fiction and holding them to ransom. Jane Eyre
herself has been plucked from the novel of the same name, and Thursday must
find a way into the book to repair the damage. She also has to find time to
halt the ongoing Crimean conflict, persuade the man she loves to marry her,
rescue her aunt from inside a Wordsworth poem and figure out who really
wrote Shakespeare's plays. Aided and abetted by a cast of characters that
includes her time-travelling father, Jack Schitt of the all-power Goliath
Corporation, a pet dodo named Pickwick and Edward Rochester himself,
Thursday embarks on an adventure that will take your breath away. A delight
for anyone who has ever wondered where bananas come from or why Leigh
Delamere motorway services are so peculiarly named, The Eyre Affair is
classic storytelling at its most engrossing. The world will never look the
same again...

Jasper Fforde—The Eyre Affair

  • 9780340733561