-- A gripping investigation of the power of Christian Right worldwide --The
Christian Right wields massive political power in the United States and
beyond. This is the first book to reveal the growing influence of the
Christian Right within the United Nations.Jennifer Butler -- who worked as
Presbyterian Representative at the U.N. for nine years -- shows how
Christian conservative groups are able to shape policy in every corner of
the world.Drawing on interviews with Christian Right leaders, she reveals
how today's most powerful Christian Right organizations are building
interfaith coalitions. At the United Nations, groups like Focus on the
Family and Concerned Women for America work with Catholic, Mormon and
Muslim allies to advance a conservative agenda. The United States has
recently joined this alliance. President George W. Bush has given them a
significant voice in shaping U.S. positions on issues including women's
rights, reproductive health, human cloning, children's rights and AIDS.In
short, the Christian Right is globalizing -- a phenomenon that promises to
challenge progressive social policy on a worldwide scale -- as well as
transform the Christian Right itself.'Jennifer Butler's sharp eye for
critique and smooth handling of complexity makes her the ideal analyst [of]
the U.S. Christian Right. Butler pulls aside the veils of religiosity to
show the mean-spirited and elitist ideologies, and yet she never stoops to
caricature theology nor bash sincere religious belief.' Chip Berlet, Senior
Analyst, Political Research Associates and co-author of Right-Wing Populism
in America

Jennifer Butler—Born Again - The Christian Right Globalized