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They leave so little trace, out lost ones. Oliver Orme used to be a
painter, well known and well rewarded, but the muse has deserted him. He is
also, as he confesses, a thief; he does not steal for gain, but for the
thrill of possession, the need to capture and fix the world around him. His
worst theft is Polly, the wife of his friend Marcus, with whom he has had
an affair. When the affair is discovered, Oliver hides himself away in his
childhood home and from here he tells the story of a year, from one autumn
to the next. In his dazzling delineation of Oliver, John Banville has
created one of the most memorable characters in recent fiction: compelling
yet weak, desperate for love and yet inclined towards acts of terrible
mischief. Set in a reimagined Ireland that is both familiar and deeply
unsettling, The Blue Guitarreveals a life haunted by the desire to possess
and always aware of the frailty of the human heart.

John Banville—The Blue Guitar

  • 9780241004333
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