In the final novels of his ten-book Amber series, Roger Zelazny rewarded
readers with several startling revelations about his fantasy universe. Fans
discovered for the first time that Amber is not the one true world of which
all others are but Shadows. Rather, the mysterious Courts of Chaos preceded
the creation of Amber. It was also revealed that the mad mage Dworkin was
the father of Oberon, founder of Amber’s ruling dynasty, and that Dworkin’s
origins go further back in time than the founding of Amber itself. The Dawn
of Amber is a prequel series, exploring events that precede the first novel
in the series, that answers these intriguing questions. Here, in Book One,
you’ll meet the young soldier known as Obere as he’s whisked away from the
kingdom and world he has known and defended his entire life, and placed on
a knife’s edge of turmoil, intrigue, domination and death. He must learn
what he can on the fly, unwilling to let friend and foe alike know how
little he understands of this strange universe and the dangerous creatures
that rule it. His life is in jeopardy, as is the entire House of
Dworkin—the result of an ages-old blood feud that threatens to destroy
Obere’s new-found family and any hope for a universe of light to balance
and oppose the forces of Chaos and darkness. To achieve his legacy of power
and become a player rather than a pawn in this deadly game whose rules he
is yet to discover, Obere must journey into the serpent’s lair, the home of
his enemies . . . the Courts of Chaos.

John Betancourt—Roger Zelazny's The Dawn Of Amber

  • 9780743445528