Technology in Its Place is a practical resource that features diverse
approaches for improving teaching and learning through the use of
technology. The contributors are a blue-ribbon panel of experts in the
field who cover a broad range of topics including information on
administration, strategic planning, leadership, curricular integration, and
professional development. Technology in Its Place shows how technology can
be effectively implemented in the classroom and examines the roles and
responsibilities of teachers, librarians, technologists, and
administrators. The book is filled with helpful suggestions and examples
such as practical advice for formulating and implementing policy on
intellectual freedom and acceptable technology practice. The authors also
address the key issues of funding, infrastructure, teacher resistance, and
community support and offer guidance on planning for technology in an urban
school district. In addition, the book includes examples of qualitative
research that attest to the power of technology applications that promote
learning. Unlike so many technology cheerleading books that put the cart
before the horse, Technology in Its Place shows how to support learning
with technology as a means to an end that will appeal to school leaders and
planners. --Jamie McKenzie, editor, From Now On-The Educational Technology
Journal Curriculum planners, technology coordinators, teachers, and school
administrators will find much to learn in this rich overview of the
promises and the challenges of technology as a tool for improved
schooling. --Martin Huntley, director of technology, The Education
Alliance, Brown University Technology is provoking change worldwide. This
book is published just in time to support us all in putting technology in
its place in schools and teacher education, thank goodness! Highly
recommended for schools and university graduate courses. --Niki Davis,
president, Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE)
How do educators overcome the gulf between open and flexible networked
learning environments and traditional practice? Read this book! --Jaakko
Luukkonen, professor of education, University of Oulu, Finland The Editors
John F. LeBaron is professor of education at the University of
Massachusetts, Lowell. He was a Fulbright scholar in Educational Technology
in1998-99. Catherine Collier is a technology specialist with the Shirley,
Massachusetts, school district and adjunct professor of technology in
education for Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

John F. LeBaron, Catherine Collier—Technology In Its Place - Successful Technol

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