To counter the daily anxieties, stress, and emotional swings caused by the
barrage of stimuli that plagues modern life, many people have been finding
unexpected solace in a philosophy from a very different and distant time:
Stoicism. Today, more than 100,000 people are members of online communities
for modern Stoics, and there are annual conferences, meet-ups, and
workshops for those aspiring to walk the Stoic path. But what is Stoicism,
and what makes it resonate so powerfully today? As John Sellars shows in
The Pocket Stoic, the popular image of the isolated and unfeeling Stoic
hardly does justice to the rich vein of thought that we find in the work of
Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius, the three great Roman Stoics. Their
works are recognized classics, and for good reason--they speak to some of
the perennial issues that face anyone trying to navigate their way through
life. These writings, fundamentally, are about how to live--how to
understand your place in the world, how to cope when things don't go well,
how to manage your emotions, how to behave toward others, and finally, how
to live a good life. To be a Stoic is to recognize that much of the
suffering in your life is due to the way you think about things, and that
you have the ability to train your mind to look at the world in a new way--
to recognize what you can and cannot control and to turn adversity into
opportunity. Concise and accessible, The Pocket Stoic provides a welcome
introduction to the lives and thought of the key Stoics. It is also a
perfect guide to help you start incorporating the practice of Stoicism into
your everyday approach to life.

John Sellars—The Pocket Stoic

  • 9780226682969