Have you ever loved a magical book above all others? Have you ever wished
the magic were real? Welcome to The Land of Laughs. A novel about how
terrifying that would be. Schoolteacher Thomas Abbey, unsure son of a film
star, doesn't know who he is or what he wants--in life, in love, or in his
relationship with the strange and intense Saxony Gardner. What he knows is
that in his whole life nothing has touched him so deeply as the novels of
Marshall France, a reclusive author of fabulous children's tales who died
at forty-four. Now Thomas and Saxony have come to France's hometown, the
dreamy Midwestern town of Galen, Missouri, to write France's biography.
Warned in advance that France's family may oppose them, they're surprised
to find France's daughter warmly welcoming instead. But slowly they begin
to see that something fantastic and horrible is happening. The magic of
Marshall France has extended far beyond the printed page...leaving them
with a terrifying task to undertake.

Jonathan Carroll—The Land Of Laughs - A Novel

  • 9780312873110