God asked Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, and Abraham replied
obediently, Here I am. This is the story of a fracturing family in a
moment of crisis. Over the course of three weeks in present-day Washington,
D.C., three sons watch their parents' marriage falter and their family home
fall apart. Meanwhile, a large catastrophe is engulfing another part of the
world: a massive earthquake devastates the Middle East, sparking a pan-Arab
invasion of Israel. With global upheaval in the background and domestic
collapse in the foreground, Jonathan Safran Foer asks us: What is the true
meaning of home? Can one man ever reconcile the conflicting duties of his
many roles husband, father, son? And how much of life can a person
ultimately bear?--

Jonathan Safran Foer—Here I Am

  • 9780241146170