Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina s master fabulist, was also an extraordinary
conversationalist. There s not a subject he doesn t throw surprising new
light on, whether it s to do with Kipling or tango. In fact, there s an
impish element in his thinking. In these dialogues with a receptive Osvaldo
Ferrari, he covers Buddhism, love, Henry James, Dante and much more as he
circles round and digresses at whim. One cannot be sure where the 84-year-
old blind man s wit will lead him, except that it s his form of freedom.
Even if he s covered the subject before, this time round there s a new
flash of insight. He s an optimist. There s always more to say. As with his
written work as a whole, these dialogues configure a loose autobiography of
a subtle, teasing mind. Looking back on his long life, it s no surprise
that time and dreaming become topics, but these dialogues are not a memoir
for all time is now. As in his tale The Other, where two Borges meet up on
a bench beside the river Charles, we have a dialogue between a young poet
and the elder teller of tales where all experience floats in a frightening
miracle that defies linear time.

Jorge Luis Borges, Osvaldo Ferrari—Conversations

  • 9780857423986