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Staggering talent Kate Tempest's first work of non-fiction: a hopeful
theory of creativity - the power of creative connection to act as the
antidote to numbness. The increasingly hyper-individualistic, competitive
and exploitative society that we live in has caused a global crisis at the
turn of the new decade; in order to survive, numbness has pervaded us all.
In her urgent and incisive nonfiction debut, Kate Tempest leads the
reckoning against this system, placing our legacy in our own hands.
Creativity holds the key: the ability to provide us with internal and
external connection, to move us beyond consumption, to allow us to discover
authenticity and closeness to all others, to deliver us an antidote for our
numbness. This is beyond art. Creative connection is anything that brings
us closer to ourselves and fellow human beings, and it has the potential to
offer insights into mental health, politics and beyond. Powerful, hopeful
and full of humanity, this new book confirms Tempest as one of the most
important voices of her generation.

Kae Tempest—Untitled Pamphlet

  • 9780571354023
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