Katherine Mansfield�s clear, sparkling and perceptive short stories
revolutionized the genre, and this collection represents the whole range of
her writing. Moving, resonant, full of light and colour, they range from
short sharp studies to longer, richer tales, encompassing her three major
volumes Bliss, The Garden Party and In a German Pension, and fifteen
tantalizing fragments of unfinished stories published after her tragic
death, including �Honesty�, an intriguing tale of two bachelors, and �The
Doves� Nest�, an exquisite story of a widowed mother and her daughter in
the Riviera who receive a mysterious gentleman caller. Graceful, delicate
and quietly devastating, they observe apparently trivial incidents to
create sensitive, often painful revelations of her characters� inner lives.

Katherine Mansfield—The Collected Stories Of Katherine Mansfield

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