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Ken Follett will donate his proceeds from this book to the charity La
Fondation du Patrimoine.The wonderful cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris,
one of the greatest achievements of European civilization, was on fire. The
sight dazed and disturbed us profoundly. I was on the edge of tears.
Something priceless was dying in front of our eyes. The feeling was
bewildering, as if the earth was shaking - Ken Follett In this short,
spellbinding book, international bestselling author Ken Follett describes
the emotions that gripped him when he learned about the fire that
threatened to destroy one of the greatest cathedrals in the world - the
Notre-Dame de Paris. Follett then tells the story of the cathedral, from
its construction to the role it has played across time and history, and he
reveals the influence that the Notre-Dame had upon cathedrals around the
world and on the writing of one of Follett's most famous and beloved
novels, The Pillars of the Earth.

Ken Follett—Notre-Dame: A Short History Of The Meaning Of Cathedrals

  • 9781529037647
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