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Allen Iverson transcended race, celebrity, and pop culture and emerged from
a troubled past to become one of the most successful and highly compensated
athletes in the world. Babb examines what drove his successes and failures,
getting behind the familiar, sanitized, and heroic version of Iverson-- the
hard-charging, hard-partying athlete who played every game as if it were
his last. He brings to life a private, loyal, and often generous Allen
Iverson who rarely made the headlines, revealing the back story behind some
of Iverson's most memorable moments, and delves deep to discover where
Iverson's demons lurked. Over time, Iverson himself came to believe his own
hype: that he lived in a world where celebrity is eternal and riches are

Kent Babb—Not A Game - The Incredible Rise And Unthinkable Fall Of Allen Iverso

  • 9781476778976
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