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A practical guide on how to master the art of reading cards. Tarot is a
popular form of divination that has been used for centuries. By following
the simple guidelines set out in this book, you will come to understand how
easy it is to master the art of reading cards. Many people struggle with
the many different tarot books available today ? they can be difficult for
the novice to follow, and many present differing interpretations of the
cards. This practical guide brings tarot into the 21st century, making the
card meanings relevant and easy to understand and follow. Tarot, Orion
Plain & Simple offers modern and up-to-date interpretations for all 78
cards. Once you know these basics, you'll soon progress on to more advanced
and complex tarot books. Throughout this useful book, Leanna Greenaway
discusses various card groups for interpretation, focusing mainly on the
Celtic cross spread.

Leanna Greenaway—Tarot, Orion Plain And Simple

  • 9781409169994
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