La Cucina combines the sensuous pleasures of love and food, simmering in
the heat of a Sicilian kitchen. Rose Fiore is a solitary middle-aged
librarian who has resigned herself to a loveless life, and expresses her
passionate nature through her delicious cooking. Then, one day, she meets
an enigmatic chef, known only as l'Inglese, whose research on the heritage
of Sicilian cuisine leads him into Rosa's library and into her heart. They
share one sublime summer of discovery, during which l'Inglese awakens the
power of Rosa's sexuality, and together they reach new heights of culinary
passion. When he vanishes unexpectedly, Rosa returns to her family's estate
to grieve for her lost love only to find a new fulfilment as well as many
surprises in the magic of her beloved cucina. A love song to Italy, La
Cucina is a celebration of all things sensual. It spills over with intense
images, colours, fragrances, and exuberant characters, all reflecting the
splendour of the Silician countryside in which it is set.

Lily Prior—La Cucina - A Novel Of Rapture

  • 9780552999090