Since its publication in 1868–69, Little Women, perhaps America's most
beloved children's classic, has been handed down from mother to daughter.
It has inspired an opera, three movies, and a Broadway musical. In this
lavish four-color edition, featuring over 200 illustrations, renowned
Alcott expert John Matteson brings unprecedented vibrancy to the book, to
the March family it creates, and to the Alcott family who inspired it all.
With numerous photographs taken expressly for this edition—elder daughter
Anna's wedding dress, the Alcott sisters' theater costumes, and Abba
Alcott's recipe book—readers discover the extraordinary links between the
real and the fictional family. Matteson's annotations bring us back in
touch with the objects and culture of a distant but still-relevant time.
His introductory essays examine Little Women's pivotal place in children's
literature and tell the story of Alcott herself—a tale every bit as
captivating as her fiction.

Louisa May Alcott—The Annotated Little Women

  • 9780393072198