A deluxe special edition of the ancient classic written by the Roman
Emperor known as “The Philosopher” Meditations is a series of personal
journals written by Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome from 169 to 180 AD.
The last of the “Five Good Emperors,” he was the most powerful and
influential man in the Western world at the time. Marcus was one of the
leaders of Stoicism, a philosophy of personal ethics which sought
resilience and virtue through personal action and responsibility. Stoicism,
viewed as a foundation of modern self-help, has inspired many personal
development and psychotherapy approaches through to the present day.
Meditations is perhaps the most important source of our modern
understanding of Stoic philosophy. Its twelve books chronicle different
stages of Marcus Aurelius’ life and ideas. Although he ruled during the Pax
Romana, the age of relative peace and stability throughout the empire, his
reign was marked by near-constant military conflict and a devastating
plague which killed upwards of five million people. Aurelius’ writings give
modern readers an unprecedented look into the “spiritual exercises” which
helped him through his tumultuous life and strengthened his patience,
empathy, generosity, self-knowledge and emotional health. The private
reflections recorded in the Meditations were never meant to be published,
rather they were a source for Marcus’ own guidance and self-improvement,
and jotted down by campfires or in military tents on the Roman front. The
lessons, insights and perspectives contained within this remarkable work
are just as relevant today as they were two millennia ago. This volume:
Presents the timeless wisdom of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his Stoic
philosophy, with new research on his life and times Contains valuable
insights on topics such as resilience, moderation and emotional control
Discusses how to live “in agreement with nature” and abide by strong
ethical principles Part of the bestselling Capstone Classics Series edited
by Tom Butler-Bowdon, this attractive, high-quality hardcover volume
includes: An original Introduction by Marcus Aurelius authority and
Stoicism expert Donald Robertson, author of How To Think Like A Roman
Emperor. A modernised, up to date version of the classic George Long
translation. Meditations: The Philosophy Classic is a volume which will
occupy a prominent place in any library for years to come.

Marcus Aurelius—Meditations - The Philosophy Classic

  • 9780857088468