Let's be honest--none of us were given an owner's manual at birth. If
you're having trouble solving a problem or making a dream happen, the
problem isn't you. It's not that you're not hardworking, intelligent or
deserving, but that you haven't yet installed the one key belief that will
change everything. My mom, who has the tenacity of a bulldog and curses
like a truck driver, explained it to me this way, Nothing in life is that
complicated. You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up
your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is figureoutable.
Whether you want to leave a dead end job, break an addiction, learn to
dance, heal a relationship, grow a business, master your money, travel the
globe, or solve world hunger, Everything is Figureoutable will train your
brain to think more creatively and positively--especially in the face of
setbacks. Inside, you'll learn: The simple practice that makes it 42% more
likely you'll achieve your goals. How to overcome a lack of time and money.
How to find two free hours a day. What to do if you're multipassionate and
want to follow all your dreams. How to deal with criticism, haters, and
imposter syndrome. How to tell the difference between fear and intuition. A
fail-proof test to make the right decisions, especially in high-stakes
situations. You'll also hear triumphant stories of everyday people
confronting loss, illness, and heart-wrenching pain. Like the 23-year-old
single mom with no education past 10th grade who used the Everything is
Figureoutable philosophy to get her GED and then her bachelor's degree, and
now she's in law school. I wrote this book because, if I got hit by a bus
tomorrow, it's the one idea I'd want to leave behind. When I'm having a
rough time or when a shitstorm comes to town, Everything is Figureoutable
instantly turns things around. It's more than just a fun phrase to say.
It's a philosophy of relentless optimism. A mindset. A mantra. A
conviction. Most important, it's about to make you unstoppable--

Marie Forleo—Everything Is Figureoutable

  • 9780593086308