In 1492, two history-altering events occurred: the Jews and Muslims of
Spain were expelled, and Columbus set sail for the New World. Many Spanish
Jews chose not to flee and instead became Christian in name only,
maintaining their religious traditions in secret. Among them was Luis de
Torres, who accompanied Columbus as an interpreter. Over the centuries, de
Torres' descendants traveled across North America, finally settling in the
hills of New Mexico. Now, some five hundred years later, it is in these
same hills that Miguel Torres, a young amateur astronomer, finds himself
trying to understand the mystery that surrounds him and the town he grew up
in: Entrada de la Luna, or Gateway to the Moon. Poor health and poverty are
the norm in Entrada, and luck is rare. So when Miguel sees an ad for a
babysitting job in Santa Fe, he jumps at the opportunity. The family for
whom he works, the Rothsteins, are Jewish, and Miguel is surprised to find
many of their customs similar to those his own family kept but never
understood. Braided throughout the present-day narrative are the powerful
stories of the ancestors of Entrada's residents, portraying both the
horrors of the Inquisition and the resilience of families. Moving and
unforgettable, Gateway to the Moon beautifully weaves the journeys of the
converso Jews into the larger American story.

Mary Morris—Gateway To The Moon

  • 9780525434993