Friends, family, workmates. The woman you see at the bus stop every
morning; the man who reaches for the last newspaper just before you get to
it. Everyone you meet, and some you nearly meet, will have an impact on the
way your day goes. Small World is the story of a group of men and women,
living and working in a city, who are connected through love, work,
friendship, or simply by virtue of proximity. We connect with the hearts
and minds of characters including an all-coping housewife, a stressed out
working mother, a put-upon nanny, a long-suffering journalist, an Indian
waiter who dreams of stardom, a grieving shop assistant, a stand-up comic
and a psychotic policeman all of whom speak directly to us about their
innermost thoughts, fears and desires in a series of interwoven first-
person narratives. Small World is an entirely contemporary and engrossing
page-turner which explores universal themes of love, death, friendship,
marriage, madness, and redemption, unifying them all through this central

Matt Beaumont—Small World

  • 9780552774567