Following his highly successful Life of Sassoon, Max Egremont turns his
attention to a world that has vanished into history.East Prussia is no
longer on any map, though it was once a thriving land, famously military,
deeply forested, artistically fertile, and the birthplace of Immanuel
Kant.As the scene of Stalin's terrible revenge it came to embody the
turbulence of the twentieth century, was carved up between Poland and the
USSR after World War II - and passed abruptly into history. Embarking on a
remarkable journey through landscape and memory, Max Egremont has woven the
stories of ghosts and survivors into an evocative and deeply moving
meditation on identity and the passing of time.PRAISE FOR FORGOTTEN
LANDEast Prussia's successful evocation demands both the mind of a poet
who can delineate the scale of human loss, and the imagination of an
historian who knows how to count the cost. Forgotten Land, a work of
consummate artistry, blends both capacities to rare effect Spectator

Max Egremont—Forgotten Land - Journeys Among The Ghosts Of East Prussia

  • 9780330456609