In 1984, Jolene Iolas, a student in upstate New York, encounters Martin
Sloane's work while visiting a Toronto gallery. She strikes up a
correspondence with the older artist, and eventually they become lovers.
And then, without warning, without a word, he vanishes. There is no hint of
his fate, no chain of cause and effect to be followed. Over the following
months, Jolene sheds her life, losing everything, including her oldest
friend, Molly, to her grief. Ten years pass, and Jolene begins to live with
Martin's disappearance. But then the opportunity to confront her ghost
arises. Word comes from, of all people, Molly, that someone named Sloane
has been exhibiting in Irish galleries. Jolene travels to Dublin, where she
is reluctantly reunited with her old friend. Together, the two women become
lost in a jumble of pasts as they try to piece together what happened to
Martin Sloane. Seamlessly crafted and beautifully written, Martin Sloane
evokes the mysteries of love and art, the weight of history, and what it
means to bear memory for the missing and the dead.

Michael Redhill—Martin Sloane

  • 9780099460268