'I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive'
Henry Miller's blazing first novel follows a young American writer as he
makes his way through 1930s bohemian Paris, encountering penniless artists,
pimps, 'prostitutes like wilted flowers', princesses, drunks, hustlers and
sexual adventurers. Banned as pornographic and the subject of several
obscenity trials, Tropic of Cancerdefied the conventions of its day and of
language itself- a verbally dazzling, carnivalesque hymn to freedom and
being alive that remade the modern novel. 'A revolution in consciousness
equal to The Sun Also Rises.'Norman Mailer ''He knows all about me,' you
feel; 'he wrote this specially for me'.' George Orwell

Miller, Henry—Tropic of Cancer

  • 9780141399133