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Ruby is the youngest child in the tightly knit Bronstein family, a
sensitive, observant girl who looks up to her older brothers and is in awe
of her stern but gentle father, a Holocaust survivor whose past and deep
sense of morality inform the family's life. But when Ruby is ten, her
eldest brother enters the hospital and emerges as someone she barely
recognizes. It is only the first in a startling series of tragedies that
befall the Bronsteins and leave Ruby reeling from sorrow and disbelief.
This disarmingly intimate and candid novel follows Ruby through a coming-
of-age marked by excruciating loss, one in which the thrills, confusion,
and longing of adolescence are heightened by the devastating events that
accompany them. As Ruby's family fractures, she finds solace in friendships
and the beginnings of romance, in the normalcy of summer camp and the prom.
But her anger and heartache shadow these experiences, separating her from
those she loves, until she chooses to reconcile what she has lost with whom
she has become. Nellie Hermann's insightful debut is a heartbreakingly
authentic story of the enduring potential for resilience and the love that
binds a family.

Nellie Hermann—The Cure For Grief - A Novel

  • 9781416568247
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