'I feel caught in a terrible net. I don't know where to turn. I care less
when I think that he is thinking of me. I think of nothing else' 'De
Profundis' is an epistolic account of Oscar Wilde's spiritual journey while
in prison, and describes his conversion from his previous belief in
pleasure and decadence to his new, shocking conviction that 'the supreme
vice is shallowness'. This book also includes further letters to his wife,
his friends, the Home Secretary and newspaper editors, as well as many to
his lover Lord Alfred Douglas - Bosie - himself. 'The Ballad of Reading
Gaol', written after Wilde's two year's hard labour in Reading prison and
originally published anonymously, is the heart-rending and eye-opening tale
of a man who has been sentenced to hang for the murder of the woman he
loved. Colm Tóibín's introduction explores Wilde's family background and
his success and reputation prior to his scandalous court case. He also
examines Wilde's duality in love, politics and literature, and how his
imprisonment affected the perception of his work. This edition also
includes notes on the text and suggested further reading. Edited with an
introduction by Colm Tóibín

Oscar Wilde—De Profundis And Other Prison Writings

  • 9780140439908