Patrick Modiano explores the boundaries of recollection in a mesmerizing,
enigmatic novel (Publishers Weekly) Nobel Prize winner Modiano's title
smartly ties together the theme, plot, and ambience of his latest book . .
. The past overlaps and memories half-emerge in classic Modiano fashion,
just as a message in invisible ink tentatively reveals itself in the right
light.--Library Journal An enchanting read.--Ploughshares The latest
work from Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano, Invisible Ink is a spellbinding
tale of memory and its illusions. Private detective Jean Eyben receives an
assignment to locate a missing woman, the mysterious Noëlle Lefebvre. While
the case proves fruitless, the clues Jean discovers along the way continue
to haunt him. Three decades later, he resumes the investigation for
himself, revisiting old sites and tracking down witnesses, compelled by
reasons he can't explain to follow the cold trail and discover the shocking
truth once and for all. A number one best seller in France, hailed by
critics as breathtakingly beautiful (Les Inrockuptibles) and refined and
dazzling (Le Journal du Dimanche), Invisible Ink is Modiano's most
thrilling and revelatory work to date.

Patrick Modiano—Invisible Ink - A Novel

  • 9780300252583