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Patti's Smith's exquisite prose is generously illustrated in this full-
color edition of her classic coming-of-age memoir, Just Kids. New York
locations vividly come to life where, as young artists, Patti Smith and
Robert Mapplethorpe met and fell in love: a first apartment in Brooklyn,
Times Square with John and Yoko's iconic billboard, Max's Kansas City, or
the gritty fire escape of the Hotel Chelsea. The extraordinary people who
passed through their lives are also pictured: Sam Shepard, Harry Smith,
William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg. Along with never-before-published
photographs, drawings, and ephemera, this edition captures a moment in New
York when everything was possible. And when two kids seized their destinies
as artists and soul mates in this inspired story of love and friendship.

Patti Smith—Just Kids Illustrated

  • 9781526615008
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