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Chosen by Paul Auster out of the four thousand stories submitted to his
radio programme on National Public Radio, these 180 stories provide a
wonderful portrait of America in the twentieth century. The requirement for
selection was that each of the stories should be true, and each of the
writers should not have been previously published. The collection that has
emerged provides a richly varied and authentic voice for the American
people, whose lives, loves, griefs, regrets, joys and sense of humour are
vividly and honestly recounted throughout, and adeptly organised by Auster
into themed sections. The section composed of war stories stretches as far
back as the Civil War, still the defining moment in American history; while
the sequence of 'Meditations' conclude the volume with a true and abiding
sense of transcendence. The resultant anthology is both an enduring hymn to
the strange everyday of contemporary American life and a masterclass in the
art of storytelling.

Paul Auster, National Story Project (U.S.)—True Tales Of American Life

  • 9780571210701
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