The image of modern corporations has been shaped by a focus on profits over
people and the environment, but this approach to capitalism is no longer
viable. We are at an inflection point where business must take the lead in
healing the crises of our time. The Healing Organization shows how
corporations can become healing forces. Conscious Capitalism pioneer Raj
Sisodia and organizational innovation expert Michael J. Gelb were inspired
to write The Healing Organization because of the epidemic of unnecessary
suffering connected with business, including the destruction of the
environment; increasing numbers living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely
surviving (despite working full-time or even multiple jobs); rising rates
of depression and stress leading to chronic health problems; and because
the enmity and dividedness between those who champion unfettered capitalism
and those who advocate socialism is exacerbating rather than solving our
problems. Based on extensive in-depth interviews and inspiring case
studies, the authors show how companies such as Shake Shack, Hyatt, KIND
Healthy Snacks, Eileen Fisher, H-E-B, FIFCO, Jaipur Rugs and DTE Energy are
healing their employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders.
They represent a diverse sampling of industries and geographies, but they
all have significant elements in common, besides being profitable
enterprises: Their employees love coming to work. They have passionately
loyal customers. They make a significant positive difference to the
communities they serve. They preserve and restore the ecosystems in which
they operate. In a world that urgently needs healing on many levels, this
is a movement whose time has come,. This book shows how it can be done, how
it is being done, and how you can begin to do it too.

Raj Sisodia, Michael J. Gelb—The Healing Organization - Awakening The Conscienc

  • 9780814439814