Rife with political corruption, sex, jealousy and frustrated passion, The
Skating Rink is a darkly atmospheric chronicle of one summer season in the
seaside town of Z, on the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona. The story
revolves around the beautiful figure skating champion Nuria Martí. When she
is suddenly dropped from the Olympic team a besotted admirer builds a
secret ice rink for her in the ruins of an old mansion on the outskirts of
town. What he doesn’t tell her is that he paid for it using embezzled
public funds; but such a betrayal is only the beginning and the skating
rink soon becomes a crime scene . . . Told in short suspenseful chapters by
three alternating male narrators – a corrupt and pompous civil servant, a
beleaguered, yet still romantic, itinerant poet, and a duplicitous local
entrepreneur – The Skating Rink is a wholly engrossing tale of murder and
its motives. ‘This short exquisite novel . . . manages to honor genre
conventions while simultaneously exploding them, creating a work of intense
and unrealized longing.’ New York Times ‘Bolaño writes with such elegance,
verve and style and is immensely readable’ Guardian ‘His fiction was
hallucinatory, haunting and experimental’ Times Literary Supplement ‘Bolaño
has come close to re-imagining the novel’ Independent ‘His work is as
vital, thrilling and life-enhancing as anything in modern fiction’ Sunday
Times ‘Bolaño has proved [literature] can do anything’ Scotsman ‘[Bolaño]
made each book more ambitious so that it will take us many years to come to
terms with his vast achievement’ Colm Tóibín ‘He has the natural
storyteller’s gift – but more important, he has the power to lend an
extraordinary glamour to the activities of making love and making poetry’
Edmund White ‘Bolaño was one of those rare writers who write for a future
time, and we, especially we in the Anglophone world, have only begun to
appreciate his strange, oblique genius’ John Banville ‘Readers who have
snacked on a writer such as Haruki Murakami will feast on Roberto Bolaño’
Sunday Times ‘It’s no exaggeration to call Bolaño a genius’ Washington Post
‘Bolaño makes you feel changed for having read him; he adjusts your angle
of vision on the world’ Guardian

Roberto Bolano, Roberto Bolaño—The Skating Rink

  • 9780330510523