It is 1944. Honor Cusack is a first-year medical student at University
College Dublin. She becomes involved with a young German doctor, Oscar
Raeder, who has been studying in Dublin since before the war, and supports
him when he is suspected of murdering a prostitute. Bridie Keogh was known
to have soldiers - and rumoured to have German spies - among her clientele,
but as her body is found in one of the preserving tanks in the dissection
room, the entire medical faculty is under suspicion. A second murder - this
time of a German spy - is also discovered inconveniently near where Raeder
lives. As the horror of the concentration camps filters through, Raeder
becomes the focus for hatred of Germany. And it turns out that his brother
is a POW at the Curragh. Aghast at the prejudice the brothers encounter,
and convinced that Raeder is no murderer - Honor agrees to help them both
return to Germany, even though she knows this may mean the end of their

Rose Doyle—Gambling With Darkness

  • 9780340827420