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In the second novel in the acclaimed Josephine B. Trilogy, Sandra Gulland
offers a sweeping yet intimate portrayal of the political and personal
struggles of the wife of the most powerful man in the world. Tales of
Passion, Tales of Woe is the much-awaited sequel to Sandra Gulland's highly
acclaimed first novel, The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.
Beginning in Paris in 1796, the saga continues as Josephine awakens to her
new life as Mrs. Napoleon Bonaparte. Through her intimate diary entries and
Napoleon's impassioned love letters, an astonishing portrait of an
incredible woman emerges. Gulland transports us into the ballrooms and
bedrooms of exquisite palaces and onto the blood-soaked fields of
Napoleon's campaigns. As Napoleon marches to power, we witness, through
Josephine, the political intrigues and personal betrayals -- both sexual
and psychological -- that result in death, ruin, and victory for those
closest to her.

Sandra Gulland—Tales Of Passion, Tales Of Woe

  • 9780684856070
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