'From the sky and from the ground and from the sea there is danger; tell
them in the house . . . ' Mrs Halloran has inherited the great Halloran
house on the death of her son, much to the disgust of her daughter-in-law,
the delight of her wicked granddaughter and the confusion of the rest of
the household. But when the original owner - long dead - arrives to
announce the world is ending and only the house and its occupants will be
saved, they find themselves in a nightmare of strange marble statues,
mysterious guests and the beautiful, unsettling Halloran sundial which
seems to be at the centre of it all. Shirley Jackson blends sinister family
politics and apocalyptic terror in a masterpiece of the macabre. 'A novel
of gothic horror and shuddering suspense.' The New York Times With a
Foreword by Victor LaValle

Shirley Jackson—The Sundial

  • 9780141391960