What if teleportation was really possible? Englishman Richie Fisher is
about to find out ... Richie and his wife Clara have won a weekend in New
York in a newspaper competition. While Clara is off blowing their spending
money, Richie wanders aimlessly, chewing on a veggie-burger, ending up in a
gift-shop where he finds himself standing in front of an instant
transporter machine. It looks nothing like the open-plan teleporter on
Captain Kirk's Starship Enterprise; in fact, it seems more like a glorified
microwave oven. Richie places his burger inside, hits the return key on the
linked-up computer - and the burger disappears. But if he can teleport a
half-eaten veggie-burger, what else could you do with the machine? For
criminals, the possibilities are endless. Who could catch you if you beamed
drugs into nostrils a hundred miles away? And how much would illegal
immigrants pay to be teleported into the rich host country of their choice?
Richie buys a teleporter and takes it back to England, where the chaos
begins ...

Stephen Clarke—Brief History Of The Future

  • 9780552777575