In the small town of Haley, Illinois, the wealthy Abbott family, with its
three pretty daughters and endless society parties, seems a world away from
the hand-to-mouth existence of Doug and his older brother, John. Embittered
by his mother's imperceptible neglect, itself the result of young
widowhood, John's obsession with the daughters of the Abbott family grows
out of a deep yearning for something his own family could never provide.
But to Alice, Eleanor and Pamela Abbott, he will never be anything other
than a 'boy from the other side of the tracks'. The eleven short stories in
this impressive collection illustrate Sue Miller's ability to portray a
wide range of human emotions, to capture a whole relationship in a brief
exchange, and to cut through her characters' layers of self-deception.

Sue Miller—Inventing The Abbotts And Other Stories

  • 9780753814062