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WINNER OF THE 2019 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD'Will leave you shaken to your very
core' CosmopolitanNAMED A BOOK OF THE YEAR by The New York Times,
Economist, BBC Radio 4's Open Book, Time Magazine, Elle Magazine,
Publishers Weekly, Marie Claire, Kirkus Reviews, Washington Post , Chicago
Tribune, Book Riot, Chicago Tribune, NPR, Slate and New Yorker.Sarah and
David are in love - the obsessive, uncertain love of teenagers on the edge
of adulthood. They have just started their first term at a performing arts
school, where the rules are made by their magnetic drama instructor Mr
Kingsley, who initiates them into a dangerous game. Two decades on we learn
that the real story of these teenagers' lives is even larger and darker
than we imagined, and the consequences have lasted a lifetime. Trust
Exercise is a brilliant, unforgettable novel about what we lose, gain and
never get over as we're initiated into adulthood's mysterious structures of
sex and power.

Susan Choi—Trust Exercise - A Novel

  • 9781788161688
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